Credit Institute of Canada

PCR supports the mission of the Credit Institute of Canada. Since 1928, the Credit Institute of Canada (CIC) has been actively promoting the importance of professional trained staff in credit. There are many benefits trained credit staff brings to an organization during and after they have graduated from the Credit Institute.

Certified Credit Professional (CCP) designation

The Certified Credit Professional (CCP) designation is widely recognized as the symbol of excellence in credit management. The Credit Institute program is made to suit any busy lifestyle; all courses are on-line and support is available from highly trained credit professionals working with the Credit Institute.

While the CCP credit designation is favorably sought after by employers, the Credit Institute also offers graduates significant career enhancements, including;

  • Increased value in the credit role they play in an organization

  • Opportunities in a wider range of industries
  • Higher salary earning opportunities

  • Recognized expertise in maximizing receivables and minimizing risk

Credit Institute Advantages

At the core of the Credit Institute of Canada are the members. Credit Institute members elevate the role of credit managers internationally and within Canada. There are many membership benefits that the Institute offers, both for personal and professional development in credit.

Credit Institute members have access to the CIC Knowledge Centre which houses a very wide assortment of professional development tools including videos. Institute members also are eligible for discount prices for all their live-webinars, events and activities as well as have access to employment referral programs for job opportunities in credit. CIC members also enjoy a loyalty program that provides access to a wide range of discounts from brand name companies you will recognize; restaurants, retail, services and more. These are just some of the benefits offered by the Credit Institute.

Credit Institute Membership

If you are planning a career in credit then you should consider a membership with the Credit Institute. Enjoy this free credit video from the Credit Institute Knowledge Centre. This is just a sampling of some of the resources available to all members of the Credit Institute.

Learn more about how the Credit Institute can open doors for your future. Here, you will find more information on the Credit Institute
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